This year I am spending a lot of my time developing my new passion for printmaking. I have been studying collagraph printmaking - a process which involves creating printing plates, inking and wiping them and then printing them by hand using a printing press. This is an incredibly exciting and creative process, which gives me exactly the scope for experimentation that I most enjoy when creating work.

There is something incredibly satisfying about making, testing and refining printing plates and a certain sense of jeopardy when pulling initial prints! I love working in a space where there is only a certain amount that I can control alongside the freedom to work with what happens.

The theme for the new body of work is 'Coastal Glimpses'  - I am creating small abstract works inspired by the details which catch my eye when out walking on beaches and coastpaths.

I am naturally filled with curiosity. I like to mix things up, creatively. I like to learn. Always happiest when trying something new, following my interests and meandering down roads not yet taken. Read on for a few of my current interests and explorations.

A new fascination which excites my curious and creative mind. Cameraless photography. Sunlight and salt water. I place my beachcombing treasures on photographic paper and let them sit in the sun. Lumen printing. After exposure the images bathe in seawater in the dark until they are fixed. It is a kind of alchemy. Magical. A mixture of art and science, process and serendipity. Beautiful, ethereal images capture a moment in time. I am entranced!

And with the addition of cyanotype chemistry, the magical blues and greens of rockpools appear before my eyes. 

Natural monotypes. I am working with cuttlefish ink on the beach. It is fitting that I use a natural ink that came from the sea. I wade and crouch and kneel, armed only with ink and paper...finding ways to capture the marks made by moving water, the shapes of seaweed, the textures of sand and rock. Seafoam, beach treasure and saltwater on paper, inky marks that smell of the sea.

I am collaborating with textile artist and painter Sarah Pooley. We share a love of the coast and are jointly creating works in paint and stitch. This is Slow Art. We send work by post for the other to respond to. Over months, our co-created images reveal themselves. Coming together in my studio for a short art retreat we refine what we have created. We learn from each other and make work that has its own character, whilst still true to our own voices. A joyful creative partnership.