Inspired by the Cornish Coast

The Cornish coast is my sole inspiration, most specifically the water’s edge and the spaces between high and low tide. Walking, photographing, gathering, writing, sketching, collage and painting are all part of my interdisciplinary art practice

Exploration is at the heart of my approach - with each series of work, I investigate new ways to express my fascination with the water's edge and the ‘tiny treasures’ found there. 

Rich surfaces, colourful coastal palettes and expressive mark-making draw the viewer closer and evoke memories of favourite coastal places and things. Shapes, colours and textures observed at the meeting of land and sea are constant motifs in my work.

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Latest News

I am delighted to announce that the new collection of works by Sarah Pooley and myself, which we have called Postcards from Cornwall, has been selected to show at The Byre Gallery in its 'Hidden Depths' exhibition which will run from 7th August to 7th September and online until 6th October.

The exhibition is described as "a celebration of the sea and the coastline: beneath the waves, on the shore and beyond" and we were selected after an Open Call process. We are really thrilled to be able to launch this new work at the exhibition.

These new pieces are assemblages of work on paper, fabric and canvas, incorporating stitch, print, cyanotype, textured surfaces and collage. We are really proud of them!

Once the exhibition is open I will put the works up here on the website for you to view.